Friday, March 20, 2009

Print Me Happy

Large prints, small prints, prints, prints, prints!

A must for me this spring that can go totally right or dramatically wrong. I will look to how Tineke pulls her print off to ensure I don't look like wallpaper or my grandmother's couch. Her large print isn't overwhelming because of the muted colors and the cardigan cover-up (go for a short sleeve cardigan this spring). When picking out prints, I am going to stick to florals and abstracts. Then I am going to think and rethink to ensure the prints are not reminiscent of any well known era (e.g., 60s or 70s). Instead, I want to find very modern ones in yummy, fresh colors (moving from the jewel tones of this winter).

Outfit tip: I love a belt cinched at the natural waist, especially with a cardigan. And then, just like Tineke has done, undo the last couple of buttons to help flare out around the hips, exaggerating your hourglass curves.

(Dress: Harvé Bernard from Ross, Belt: Vintage, Shoes: Steven from TJ Maxx. I love these cut-out booties ... I think TJ might still have some!)

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  1. FAntastic! I think you have a great eye for detail and unexpected combinations. I have enjoyed reading your postings. Tres chic cherie!