Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Really Ugly

I don't even remember when and how I discovered this store, but it's definitely a good one. However, be forewarned, if you struggle with TJ Maxx, you might have a nervous breakdown in Name Brand Clothing in Springdale (5320 W Sunset Ave, (479) 927-0999). But for me, a nervous breakdown is a small price to pay for the jackpot that is just waiting to be found. NBC gets its merchandise from department store close outs. And some of it is damaged and stained and all it is wrinkled. But if you are in need of a dress or super soft basic tees and tanks, I recommend it. Since the offerings can be a hit or miss, don't make it a last resort. Avoid Tuesday nights because they are closed for stocking and look over your potential purchases very carefully to ensure there is no damage.

Here are some things that I found during my last visit. And to make my husband proud, I didn't buy any of them, so they are ready and waiting for you to discover.

Marc by Marc Jacobs silk cocktail dress; original price was $330, NBC's price is $69.

Laundry shift dress. I love this print. This one didn't have an original price tag, but the NBC's price is $39.

Signette dusty pink cocktail dress that makes me crave cotton candy; original price tag said $316, NBC's price is $59.

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