Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stacy London Says

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting one of my highly esteemed fashion idols, Stacy London from What Not to Wear. If I could have any job, it would take me a second to decide that I want hers. She has the ability to take clothing and make it priceless by dressing women (and some men) the best for their body type, giving them self-esteem and self-confidence that cannot be replicated.

My encounter with her included a couple hugs, kudos on my belt and jacket, and her taking off and putting back on my shoe. But more importantly, it was very interesting to hear her fashion outlook for the fall.
So what are musts for Fall 2009?
  • Something ruffled! She said you can do ruffles on shirts or skirts, but just be aware that ruffles add volume, so put ruffles where you want to accentuate versus minimize.
  • A plaid blouse! Make sure that it isn't too casual. She said it should have a tailored fit with modern, bright colors. She suggested to pair it with a faux fur vest, skinny jeans, and wedged boots. I am dying over this look.
  • Something leather! She recommended to stick to a leather jacket and stray away from leather pants. Black is her color of choice. She recommended to soften the hard look with a sweet, flirty blouse.
  • Something platform! Shoes that is. And the platform can be in a boot, pump, or even a wedge. Just be conscious it doesn't cross the stripper line.
  • Architectural pieces! Especially with dresses. Look specifically for structure and pleating, but again be aware of the added volume this gives. Her fondness for structure did not extend to the shoulders ... she recommend staying away from strong shoulders or shoulder pads.
  • Something velvet! Like in a jacket. But to ensure it doesn't come off as old fashion, go for a modern color like a deep purple.

A couple other things she mentioned were deep florals, Edwardian blouses (high neck), statement necklaces, jackets, lots of black, and mixing patterns, like tweeds or herringbone with plaids.

The best thing about this experience was she was so down-to-earth and approachable. And while her honesty may come across as harsh to some people, it was very apparent that her main objective is giving people self confidence no matter their size, even if it requires a little tough love.

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