Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fashionable Fotos

It is that time where everybody is getting camera ready for their infamous Christmas card pictures. If you are like me, you are left staring at your closet wondering what to wear and likely agonizing over how to guide your significant others, little ones, and maybe even furry ones on how to coordinate (or heaven forbid, match) your outfits.

I reached out to a photographer friend, Kim Lowery, for a little guidance and here is what she said:

Old school answer: Stay away from patterns or stripes. Keep it simple, and try to match or at least coordinate. Avoid whites and other light colors as they compete with light skin tones. Avoid showing very much skin as it can compete with your face which should be the focus of the portrait.

I'll admit, I have given some of that advice in the past, but times have changed. THANK GOD!

Have fun! It's important that your photos reflect you or your family. Don't be afraid to throw on your holiday dress and heels or your tie and blazer. If your session is on a cold day (or even if it's not) wear your winter scarf and gloves. Bring your favorite accessories. Ask your photographer if you have time for one outfit change or at least an accessory change. Try something casual and something formal.

The most important advice I give my clients about their clothing choice is that they need to feel good in what they are wearing. I want them to feel that they look their best and to be comfortable with what they have on.

Take notice of magazines and blogs to find pictures of families or couples who are wearing something you like.

And on one last note, I think it's important for all of us to have classic and timeless pictures of ourselves or our families, but these pictures also represent who you are today or this year. Your pictures will reflect your style during this time of your life, and that is just as important.

I love Kim's last piece of advice. It gives me permission to rock an outfit that best captures my personal style at this very moment. So who cares if my strong-shouldered, sequin jacket paired with thigh-high boots makes me wonder what the heck was I thinking in 10 years, I will at least know I was having fun and embracing the moment. To me that is way more interesting than a classical portrait.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Your Fall/Winter 2009 Wardrobe Checklist from Budget Babe

I just read a great, all-inclusive must have checklist from Budget Babe that covers off on everything from layering tees to jeggings to nail polish color.

You should definitely hop on over and check it out ... especially if you are scratching your head on the heck are jeggings (FYI, they sell them at Walmart).

Click here for the full checklist.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Techno Colored Dreamy Tights

One of the most fascinating things about trends is observing the evolution year by year, season by season. Tights have been a long standing staple in my winter wardrobe. However, this year's variation of tights is no longer just about black, knit, or ribbed. Tights have gone to a whole new colorful level. If you are like me, initially you find this trend extremely intimidating and think "oh it looks so good on her, but I could never pull it off." But after observing several friends who make it look easy, I came up with three options so that anyone can truly pull off colored tights.

Option 1: Go neutral. The easiest way to balance the blanket of color is to ensure the rest of your outfit is in neutral colors and has simple lines. Blacks and grays are the easiest selection and create a really streamlined and sharp look.

Option 2: Stay in the same color family. If you want to throw in another color, look for a monochromatic color that matches your tights, or is at least in the same color family (in this case, her tights and shoes). That makes the color lines flow seamlessly versus creating a harsh color break with a contrasting color.

Option 3: Be colorfully muted. If you choose a colored tight that is more muted (e.g., army green (BTW currently obsessed with this color), plum or navy), you can play with more color combinations. But keep those combinations muted and complementary. For example, this outfit has army green tights (the picture doesn't represent the true color), navy skirt, mustard yellow sweater, and a red-orange belt. The muted colors almost read as neutrals making the combination completely approachable and not overwhelming.

Still nervous? Try a pattern instead of a color. Maybe a little polka-dot or a lace pattern in a black or gray tight. If you are STILL not sold, I will leave you with a provoking style stat (kind of). I read somewhere that colored tights act as a visual slimming element for the legs. So go forth and be colorful.