Friday, May 29, 2009

Fabulous Finds at Unbeatable Prices

So being the major fashion junkie that I am, I follow countless fashion blogs. Some are crazy, eccentric, and extreme, some are cute and sweet, and some are actually attainable. One of my favorites, The Budget Babe, details affordable finds that even the most thrifty (but of course fashion conscious) person can afford. Today she blogged about the numerous fabulous finds she spotted at none other than our own neighborhood retailer, Walmart. The perfectly executed articles are from Norma Kamali's line and To The Max line by BCBG. So as soon as I get back from arguably the best shopping place in the nation, New York City, my first stop will be Walmart ... something New Yorkers can only pine for from afar.

Check out all her finds at:

Thanks Budget Babe!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fashion Don'ts That Are Total Dos

Even the best, most precise fashion muses occasionally make the worst dressed or fashion don't list. Whether it was a stylist oversight or a wrong projection on the next, most covetable fashion, you can't be progressive without a misstep every now and then.

Then there is us ... the real people of the world, who probably to most fashion editors are more don'ts than dos. Instead of resisting the title, I am embracing it and showing those editors that we know what we are doing. We just like to be a rebel without a cause, purposefully breaking well known rules just because we can.

My frequent fashion don't: Carrying an enormously large purse. According to Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear, women should carry purses that match their frame. Considering I have a smaller frame and am a boringly average height, I should carry an average, medium to small purse. But can even a medium purse carry my camera, battery pack, HUGE Hobo clutch, water bottle, notebook, 15 very essential lip glosses, etc., etc.?

My other no, no: Wearing PJ or yoga pants out in public. Sometimes the comfy stretch cotton and nagging urge to be lazy outweighs perfectly presenting myself.

Please, will you openly embrace your mistakes with me, proclaiming to the world that you do know better, but you just don't care? What is your fashion don't that you SO love to do?

These are cute enough to wear in public ... aren't they?

(Photo source:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jeanie In A Bottle

Ladies ... it is back. The jean jacket. This basic staple of the mid-90s and my junior high years is making a comeback. Lots of times the re-immersion of a popular piece comes with a modern twist. Not in this case. The 2009 jean jacket is exactly like the 1995 jean jacket. It makes total sense considering the 90s, 90210 look is currently all the rage. If you have tendencies of a pack rat with the inability to throw anything away, dig out and dust off your old jean jacket (or sell it on eBay as the hot retro must-have for chilly summer nights).

A jean jacket is so versatile that it can go with anything ... I challenge you to even put it with jeans (just make sure the jeans are contrasting washes). Alexis uses it to keep her top half simple as she lets her funky maxi-style, printed skirt take the limelight. I love how Alexis cuffs her jacket sleeves to create a more polished demeanor.

Since I didn't partake in this massive trend the first time around, a vintage jean jacket (Silver branded preferred) is now at the top of my wishlist. I can't bear to miss it again.

(Jean jacket - Dillard's, skirt - JC Penny's, shirt - Target, , necklace - Claire's, shoes - TJ Maxx)