Friday, May 29, 2009

Fabulous Finds at Unbeatable Prices

So being the major fashion junkie that I am, I follow countless fashion blogs. Some are crazy, eccentric, and extreme, some are cute and sweet, and some are actually attainable. One of my favorites, The Budget Babe, details affordable finds that even the most thrifty (but of course fashion conscious) person can afford. Today she blogged about the numerous fabulous finds she spotted at none other than our own neighborhood retailer, Walmart. The perfectly executed articles are from Norma Kamali's line and To The Max line by BCBG. So as soon as I get back from arguably the best shopping place in the nation, New York City, my first stop will be Walmart ... something New Yorkers can only pine for from afar.

Check out all her finds at:

Thanks Budget Babe!!!


  1. Check out The Recessionista Blog, she has the new NK for Walmart collection and was on TV with Norma this week!

  2. Have you seen Danskin workout clothes at Walmart too? They are really cute ... the shapes, colors, and patterns. Who doesn't like to be stylish when they are sweating?

  3. Yellow sling-back, peep toed shoes from the Gap ... $7!

    I believe there were a few brightly different colored pairs left, along with sizes ranging from 6 to 9.