Monday, June 1, 2009

NYC Review

So lucky me has spent the last four days in the big city, and I must say I am quite proud of NWA and the rest of the "real world." All of the major trends I saw in the stores and on the people of NYC, are the major trends I see on us. This is with the exception of the acid washed jeans and old school high-top sneakers, which, frankly, I am fine with that staying on the streets of NYC. The things we are doing right include lots of florals, gladiator sandals, silk dresses, bright colored tops , platform shoes, aviator sunglasses, little leather jackets, ruffles, boyfriend blazers, and jean jackets.

All in all, I say we have the same percentage of on trend ensembles to total fashion disasters as the supposed culturally and fashionably advanced people of NYC.

Two things I saw that are now on my wish list: cut off denim shorts and high-waisted shorts. After that, I will only be missing Pink Berry and Central Park!

My favorite purchase: a grey, wool floppy hat from American Apparel.


  1. cut off jean shorts? for real? I just threw my last pair out that I was clinging to. I may need to see some examples of how to make those work!

  2. My plan for cut-off jean shorts is to wear them with a plaid button up or American Apparel v-neck tee, gladiator sandals, and a fedora straw hat for a totally chill weekend look. If I see someone doing it right, I will post pics.