Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Steady Standby

I have this ever present and internalized pressure to consistently keep up my fashionable persona. But laziness and tiredness tend to make a thoughtful, creative, and expressive ensemble completely elusive. In these times of desperation, I tend to come down with the Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen syndrome: layer on every accessory I have and hide inside my clothes that are two sizes too big.

The girls below remind me that in crunch times I can always resort to a simple and sophisticated standby: a fantastic pencil skirt with a silk button-up or tie blouse. This combination consistently creates the sexy secretary look of the 60s. And garnished with classic pumps or peep toe heels and adorned with pearls makes even the most fashionably uninspired days seem like fashion perfection.

(Shoes - Spain, necklace - Germany, skirt - Larry Levine at TJMaxx, top - Target)

(Shirt-Kohls, skirt-JCPenney, belt-resale shop, shoes-Dillard’s, pearls-Perry’s)

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