Friday, February 27, 2009

Arkansas Style ... Does It Exist?

I had an interesting notion the other day as I was scanning through my many fashion blogs I religiously follow (recently made much easier thanks to Google Reader). I think almost every one of them comes from New York, LA, or London. I know the rest of the world is like me and looks to these fashion beacons to set the trends. But since most of us only have the privilege of visiting these fashion destinations let alone living there, I was curious how style gets translated into the everyday real world of middle America where we have less time and less money to invest in our personal runway of life collection.

So, yes, I am from Arkansas ... where immediate images of overalls and shoeless cousins come to mind for those who live more than a state away. This is precisely why this social, anthropological experiment could prove to be ground breaking. Just maybe, my measly little blog (if I successfully can keep it up) can break through these preconceived notions, adding Arkansas to list of fashion powerhouses . I know it is a long shot ... but wish me luck as I go look for my first victim. Maybe think of my blog like the The Satorialist only in Arkansas style.