Monday, March 22, 2010

NARS Makeup at TJ

It was the hardest thing for me to pass up on, but I simply didn't need any of the NARS eyeshadow or lipgloss gift sets the Rogers TJ (2203 Promenade Blvd, Rogers, 479.621.0214) currently has in-stock. So! Please! I need one of my readers to reap the benefits. I found several boxes of product on the second beauty endcap and several pieces in the beauty sale dump bin near the shoes. Hurry my beauty divas ... before my strength gives way and I return to buy it all!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Are Invited

Never been to a fashion show? Ralph Lauren took the scale of the internet and invited every online surfer to their Spring 2010 fashion show. Being the first ever online show, I commend the attempt but miss the true energy and excitement that reverberates throughout a live show. The sluggish tone is exaggerated by the zen-like music, chilled walk by the models, and the mysterious breeze ruffling all their hair. Nonetheless, I love the safari-inspired looks and color combos, the airy silk pants, the jersey drop-waist dress, and the ethnic printed tops.

Online Obsessions

I am much more of a sensory driven shopper; therefore, most of the time I prefer shopping in the physical space versus the digital space. However, since I am a sucker for unique and inexpensive items, the right digital proposition can entice me enough to overcome my need to touch, smell, and experience. and have just that proposition. comes to us from our fashion forward sister country, the UK. It has a wide collection of designers with a whole range of price points, making many fashion aggressive pieces very attainable for us normal gals. has a laid back, retro vibe through their vintage-inspired pieces by indie designers. The utter uniqueness of every piece makes a sense of style achievable and the low prices make it affordable.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A bride requests our help ...

One of my friend's wedding is fast approaching, and she is putting the last little touches on her dream look. She has given you, my readers, the heavy responsibility of giving her some opinions on her final accessories. While the dress definitely is the hero, the accessories are the "supporting cast" that can make or break her look. So please give her your opinion!

First her shoes! The bride selected simple shoes with darling vintage earrings to repurpose as shoe clips. However, after dying and stretching to make the shoes perfect a small amount of chemical residue landed just right of the peep toe. And of course, the shoe clip alone won't cover-up the spot. Making light of the situation, the bride has been inspired to use feathers to cover the mistake. Her fear, however, is the fine line feathers can cross. Looking at her inspiration below, do feathers maintain the sophisticated wedding feel or cross over into lingerie territory (that should be reserved for the wedding night)?

Next, while our bride is a spring bride, the spotty weather in Arkansas can prove to be unpredictably cold. Our bride is looking for a warm but chic cover-up for her golf cart exit (so cute). She found this lovely faux fur shrug on Tulip Bridal for $34 and likes the idea but is concerned about the winter tone. Is the shrug too much for the spring timing?

Hopefully our bride will follow-up with pics from her actual day to show us what she finally decides!