Monday, March 9, 2009

Dressed to Impress

Some might say Andy is successfully dressed to impress corporate America but not the fashion passionate. While I may not completely be digging the traditional business casual, I am crazy about this color combo. I love the neutral backdrop the olive green provides the orange creamsicle; a pairing that has me totally craving spring. Thanks to Andy I have added an olive green skirt to my spring must-haves. I picture a nylon material with an A-line shape that gives an outfit a sporty but polished look. It's a refreshing alternative to a boring denim, khaki, or black skirt that I can't wait to wear with my spring colorful coordinates.

Just goes to show you that inspiration can come from anywhere. I challenge you to look for materials, designs, shapes, and colors all around you, and I think you will be surprised at what you find.
(Note: The picture doesn't accurately portray the rich olive green color ... but trust me, it was so fantastic.)


  1. So, it really is true. Inspiration can come from ANYwhere! :)

  2. Good fashion can also affect your career in a positive sense. As soon as I started tucking my shirt in, I got promoted. Twice. :)

  3. I almost walked in front of this shot. I wondered why you were taking pictures of Andy!