Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Foot Loose

So today I finally did it ... I bared the legs and the feet for the first time this year. While my purple painted toes were enjoying the spring breeze as I walked into work, I contemplated the office-appropriateness of platform shoes. Platforms are all over Hollywood and all over the runway for both Spring and Fall '09. But have I been jaded by my unconditional love for all shoes that are beautiful, and am I not being realistic on how middle America percieves me in them? Before I go and buy the 10 pairs I am pining for, I thought I would see what you think. Are platforms completely acceptable to wear as a daily shoe choice or do they have a tendancy to symbolize an unbecoming night job?


  1. i happen to find those to be really cute, but when it comes to platforms, you must tread lightly. if i have a pair that seems a bit too naughty for work, i'll either wear them with jeans or with some opaque tights.

  2. I like the shoes, especially the color.

  3. All I have to say is that when you work in a creative environment and are in the department where you are supposed to be up-to-date with what the shopper wants, you can CERTAINLY pull it off!