Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mix, Don't Match

I am a very big believer in mixing coordinating colors instead of matching the same color, creating visual layers in an outfit. Lately, I have been experimenting with that same philosophy using prints. Teesha has inspired me to be more aggressive in my efforts. Her mixing of florals with the small, subtle neutrals in the dress and the brighter, bigger print in the scarf creates a bohemian yet feminine feel. She contrasts the complexity of prints with simple, sleek jewelry.

The ingenuity of this look doesn't stop with the mixed prints. Teesha cleverly identified one of the key accessories of the season, the scarf, and made her own collection. She simply finds beautiful fabrics, cuts them into a stretched triangle, makes perpendicular cuts along the edges to create the fringe, resulting in a truly couture scarf.

Dress - Old Navy, Bracelets - Old Navy, Fabric for the Scarf - Dollar Saver (101 E Walnut St., Rogers, 479 636-7269)

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