Monday, April 27, 2009

Calling ALL Comments

To all my followers, I would like to encourage a slight adjustment in my blog. Versus me just speaking to you, I want to hear what you think. I want you to comment and respond to my posts. You can tell me what you like, even what you don't, ideas for posts, or the things that inspire your fashion selections.

To help catalyze the movement ... Are Bermuda shorts still a fashionable summer piece or have they returned to their previous stuffy, mom status. I personally love them on a comfort level. I get adequate leg coverage and I can still relaxingly sit cross-legged on the floor. These navy, cuffed Bermudas paired with a simple white tee create a simple boyish look that is offset with bright, focal accessories.

Pretty please tell me what do you think? Are Bermudas a no or still a total go?

(Tee - Kohl's, Bermuda shorts - Kohl's, custom made necklace - Adornments, wedges - Mason's,)


  1. I think if a gal has the legs (and hips) to pull them off then go for it! I personally like them because I'm not brave enough to dare to wear short shorts, so this longer classy style is wonderful for me.

  2. Bermuda shorts are a total go! Your soft feminine shirt pulls the whole outfit together, and the necklace is the perfect accessory.

  3. I agree with the others, if you can pull it off, anything's a go!

  4. Yeah, I agree with the above...but I think they can look a bit too 'sloaney' (I think in the US, you call it 'preppy', its sort of a weird version of what the world imagines upper-class Brits wear. you know, that Ralph Lauren type of look.)
    I think they need something really edgy paired with them, or they just look a bit bland. You could try some mad gladiator sandals? x

  5. For this summer I still like Bermuda shorts but am wondering if something with more volume would be more fashion-forward? Last summer I got some Michael Khors shorts on clearance at TJ (seriously for like $3!)- they are khaki with a high waist, a little shorter than Bermuda and way poofier (is that word?)around the hips/pockets. Anyway last summer I felt they were a bit too "old lady" to wear but now I'm thinking they are pretty on trend. What do you all think? I don't know how to post a picture for comment...