Sunday, April 19, 2009

What's Yellow and Gray and Fabulous All Over?

I have an extensive love for certain colors, including cream, navy, turquoise, grass green, and my favorite neutral, gray. For this summer, I seem to be drawn to everything that not only has gray in it, but also a bright, sunshiny yellow. There is something about this color combo that is so clean and fresh and radiates a warmth that has me dreaming about the beach, fruity drinks, and flip flops. What makes this color partnership even more indispensable is that it can stretch the gamut from traditional, feminine florals to funky, geometric patterns and still look absolutely perfect.

I am drooling over everything that uses an orange and gray combo too!


  1. i totally agree! I'm loving yellow for decor too. trying to see if i can weave some in with my orange and blue living room.

  2. this yellow is SO not mellow... I love it! Keep the posts coming!

  3. Yes, I love grey, I think it looks so classy, both for clothes and also in interiors. I also happen to think grey looks great with bright, acid green or really strong turquoise.