Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Color Blocking

Versus letting a print on a single garment bring a spectrum of colors, Mauriahh uses two separate pieces with different colors to create a dynamic ensemble. Her easy, juicy orange cardigan and breezy, fuchsia maxi dress develop striking blocks of color. The secret to her success is the colors coordinate, but don't match, yet have similar levels of brightness and richness.

What other colors would create a successful color block?

(Dress and Cardigan - Old Navy, Necklace - Target)


  1. Love the bright colors and heavy necklace!

  2. Another color combo that has grown on me recently is turquoise and deep coral. These bold beachy colors make lust after summer!

  3. You have to say "thank you" to Yves Saint Laurent for the original "Mondrian" day dress in the 60's that really started the trend of color blocking!

  4. purple + green.. fuschia + green turquoise + pink are my current favs