Sunday, January 24, 2010

Don't Be Played By Plato

I am always a sucker for a deal, so after I understood Plato's Closet's concept (buying and selling gently used brand name clothing), I had to check it out.

Noticing the inventory tends to skew more teen, I wasn't sure if a selling venture with my more sophisticated clothes would be successful. But I figured it was worth a try. I visited the Roger's location (there is one in Fayetteville too) with my laundry basket of neatly folded clothing branded BCBG, Max Rave, To The Max and H&M.

While waiting for the teen sales associate to judge if my fashion sense is Plato worthy, I perused the exisitng merchandise. From my bargain shopping expertise, Plato's is anything but a bargain with high prices and low quality. Used F21 and Old Navy shirts start at $10. Used designer jeans are priced at $55+ (HINT: Rock and Republic, Joes, etc. sell for $55 new at TJ Maxx). I even found the pair of F21 jeans that I bought new for $12.50 (everyday price) priced at $12 used. Don't think so.

A true bargain is the iconic Diane von Furstenberg printed wrap dress I discovered at Helping Hands thrift store for $18, which typically retails for close to $400.

I did sell $38.00 worth of clothes. So Plato's is a yes for selling and a no for buying. But I am not sure if my bargain shopping ethics can support them in the future.

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  1. Hello! Just discovered your blog. I have been enjoying it on this cold, snowy day. Kudos for your fashion find at Helping Hands. Love that DVF dress! Just amazing. Looking forward to future posts!