Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Uggs and Me

I did it! I bought a pair of Uggs. After carefully reviewing all of my Ugg options (yes, there are hundreds of styles), I decided to stick with the classic, tall style that allows for the alternative fold-down look. For color selection, I teetered between chocolate and gray but the gray's versatility won me over.

Once I made my decision, the eBay hunt began. Pair after pair went above my $130 limit until finally I found a pair coming from Sweden (?!) and nabbed them for the lovely price of $100. After lifetimes (the downfall of ordering internationally), I received my 100% authentic Uggs one week ago. Since then, I slip into them as soon as I get home, utilizing them as house shoes and my comfy, weekend/evening shoes. While I still look down at my feet and note how HUGE they look, I am definitely sold on the comfort. I am pleased I took the Ugg plunge.

On an interesting note, during my agonizing Ugg decision process, The Cut, New York Magazine's fashion blog, agonized over the nation's fascination with shoes debating that Uggs are "not attractive, fashionable, or waterproof."

Well guys, you convinced me to buy them. Now you just need to convince the New York fashion elite!

Read more on The Cut's Ugg POV:

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