Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Local Sample Sales ... Huh?

While I love the calm, slow pace of a small southern town, one thing I wish we had were big city sample sales. I imagine myself losing my prim and proper demeanor and fighting another budget consious shopper to the death for the 80% marked-down designer shoes that we both happened to find at the same time. In this fantasy, I always come out triumphant and walk out wearing the designer shoes. While in reality, I think my polite southern girl personality would prevail as I watch my enemy strut off with my heels.

Another thing that makes my fantasy completely impossible is the lack of sample sales anywhere outside of a major metropolis. But thanks to several online organizations, sample sales are as close as a computer mouse. Three of my favorites are Ideeli, Gilt Groupe, and Hautelook. This is how it works: They send you a daily email with the day's sample sale. There is a limited time frame and limited quantity and sizes of the deeply discounted, often high end designer products (not just clothes). You can upgrade your membership for a fee and get first dids on the loot (I don't think this is worth it). The slight catch is these are invitation only, so if you have a hankering for sample sales without the cat fights, comment on this post and I will send you an invite. Happy bargain shopping!

I just bought this awesome studded flat sandals (per my previous post) from Ideeli for $54!

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