Monday, July 20, 2009

Fashion Funk

It's official ... and I should have seen it coming because it happens every season ... I am in a fashion funk. The funk starts with early morning frustrations, not wanting to wear anything in my closet, then is proceeded by complete and utter boredom with what the stores are offering. Then as I seek condolences from my trusty fashion blogs and websites, I find all they are talking about is fall clothes. And in 90 degree plus weather, the last thing I want to think about is tall boots, chunky sweaters, wool peacoats, and ribbed tights. So I thought I would look to my small, but hopefully loyal, following. Please, PLEASE help me reclaim my fashion inspiration. What inspires you? What is the one thing you are loving wearing? Anything to help my hopeless style slump...?

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  1. ok, I know I'll never be THIS hippy and cool but I still like pretending...

    or google "Red Velvet Art"

  2. You should come to DC! There's a place that would surely get you out of your fashion funk You and Brandon should make a visit!