Friday, July 17, 2009

Beauty Test Tube

While fashion is still my one true love, I have been having a recent love affair with beauty products. I love trying new brands, new products, new shades, anything new I can get my hands on. I have recently found the most perfect outlet for my closet obsession...New Beauty's Test Tube. The website claims it is the most unique beauty sampling program and gives you the ability to try all different types of premium beauty products before you buy. For me, the test tube is like the most perfectly executed Christmas stocking, but instead of only one time a year, it comes four times a year. Every three months I receive a package in the mail with literally a tube of beauty products. I pay $35 for each tube and the site claims the tube contains over $150 worth of samples, full size products, and gift cards. I got one yesterday and had so much fun riffling through the teeth whitening gum, body spray, lip gloss, moisturizers, and other facial treatments. I hope my face thanks me later with a wrinkle-less complexion.

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  1. let me know if there's anything i should get!