Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A bride requests our help ...

One of my friend's wedding is fast approaching, and she is putting the last little touches on her dream look. She has given you, my readers, the heavy responsibility of giving her some opinions on her final accessories. While the dress definitely is the hero, the accessories are the "supporting cast" that can make or break her look. So please give her your opinion!

First her shoes! The bride selected simple shoes with darling vintage earrings to repurpose as shoe clips. However, after dying and stretching to make the shoes perfect a small amount of chemical residue landed just right of the peep toe. And of course, the shoe clip alone won't cover-up the spot. Making light of the situation, the bride has been inspired to use feathers to cover the mistake. Her fear, however, is the fine line feathers can cross. Looking at her inspiration below, do feathers maintain the sophisticated wedding feel or cross over into lingerie territory (that should be reserved for the wedding night)?

Next, while our bride is a spring bride, the spotty weather in Arkansas can prove to be unpredictably cold. Our bride is looking for a warm but chic cover-up for her golf cart exit (so cute). She found this lovely faux fur shrug on Tulip Bridal for $34 and likes the idea but is concerned about the winter tone. Is the shrug too much for the spring timing?

Hopefully our bride will follow-up with pics from her actual day to show us what she finally decides!


  1. I love the idea of feathers on the shoes! I think it's totally appropriate - not too boudoir. The dress is floor-length, right? So the most the feathers will be seen is just peeking out from beneath the hem - perfect for a lingerie-inspired detail, even on your wedding day. As for the shrug, I have no idea. I don't think I'd do it, but I don't have a better solution. Good luck! Happy wedding! :)

  2. I agree with Mel about the feathers on the shoes. I say go for it! I had a shrug at my winter wedding & didn't even need it b/c the dress was like an oven. But I also didn't have a cute golf cart exit. I like the color of the shrug, especially b/c its got great vintage personality. I say go for it too!

  3. Go with the shrug especially for a couple of photos. It's really pretty! Is the residue spot that bad? Are you sure the earrings won't hide it? I'm sure she can make the feathers look right also.

    Erin H.

  4. I love the feathers but keep them simple!!
    George Anne