Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer and Fall Combined

Everyday I am seeing more and more signs of fall fashion ... richer colors, longer sleeves, more layers. But despite our deepest fashion desires to go full steam ahead with tights, scarves, boots, and sweaters, the reality of the weather forces the transition to be a slow progression versus a total transformation.

Becky captures the subtle seasonal evolution with a light weight, airy skirt that has a rich, bold pattern. The bare legs are reminiscent of the summer but the covered arms beg for fall. The tank allows her to take off her jean jacket if the mercury rises to unanticipated summer temps. And I absolutely love the juxtaposition of the bare legs and the closed-toed flats. The most perfect way to combine cold with hot.

(Skirt - Old Navy, jean jacket - GAP, tank - F21, shoes - Ann Taylor Loft)

And BTW, Becky is so clever. Her skirt is not originally high-waisted. But a small hand sewn stitch on the waist band allows her to tighten and gather the skirt around her middle. It stays hidden because of all the pleats on the top and the fullness on the bottom. Best of all, once the high-waisted trend has run its course, she can just cut the stitch out with no harm done.

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