Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Blog Award 2 - Hello Lover!

Thanks to Ms ARSCOTT for my second blog award, likely given to me because she knows of my not so secret obsession for all beautiful footwear.

The essence of this award is to share with you five of my favorite accessories for my feet (so I fudged a little and picked six ... it is like choosing a favorite child ... impossible).

This award resulted in being an interesting exploration into true fashion love. I didn't pick the platform heels or booties that are currently all over the fashion pages. But I immediately gravitated to my shoes with behind the scenes stories to their purchase or because of their quirky or beautiful construction. In fact, I only currently wear one of the six below but can guarantee all six will stay in my collection for eternity.

To me this showed that fashion and style is truly about personal taste that reflects one's uniqueness ... forget about needing to emulate the celebrities.

Enjoy! I sure did!

Purchased off of eBay with 5 other vintage pairs from the 60s.

My only pair of designer heels (Moschino) but more importantly they remind me of my first trip to NYC with my best girlfriends.

Random find at a antique store, but I love them for their over-the-top "themed" details. Yes, I have worn them, and yes, I got lots of crazy looks.

These lucky guys have already been featured on my blog as a gift from my hubby and symbolize his sweet, thoughtful love he shows to me everyday.

In love with these sweet delicate heels. These is how plastic on shoes should be done.

Found these one-of-kind shoes at a vintage shop in Tuscon, designed by a local Tuscon designer in the 50s. Uh-MAZING!

Now to pass along the love!

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  1. Such a cute post Erin. I love it and want to see you in the white boots sometime soon.

  2. I love those vintage shoes and love that you have a story behind every pair. For me, that would become a scrapbook page :) I'm now inspired to go through my shoes and do the same, or just shop for shoes. Thanks for the award!

  3. Such fun fun fun shoes! I love all of them, especially the white boots and the pale pink pumps! Thanks for sharing!


  4. I'm stopping by to invite you over to the Arkansas Women Bloggers site. We'd love to have you link up with us. We're also always looking for guest posters if you're interested.