Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tried Hot Yoga

Please give me a moment to stray from my fashion explorations to share a fitness find. After hearing about hot yoga for years, I finally mustered up the nerve to try it (I was originally paralyzed by the idea of fainting in an awkward position because of the heat, inevitable causing a domino falling of my fellow yoga-ers). To my surprise, it was approachable, relatable, doable, and totally refreshing.

The "can-do" tone was very much set by the instructor, owner of Yoga Story, and well practiced and passionate yogi, Cindee Joslin. The cute studio off the Bentonville square proved to be a place of peace and inner exploration as I managed to somewhat successfully contort my body into all the positions.

Miss Cindee offers several different class times with several different types of yoga all in the comfort of 90 degrees (it literally felt comfortable). The best part: she charges by donation only ... now that is true passion. Check out Yoga Story's site for more info and look for me in future classes, the one sweating buckets and loving it.

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  1. I have always wanted to try this!! I've tried a couple of different forms of yoga and love it (let's be clear that I'm no good at it, but enjoy trying). I'll be the other one in class sweating buckets. Thanks for sharing!!