Friday, October 9, 2009


For the past couple of seasons, scarves have been a must inclusion for any wardrobe no matter a person's fashion passion. Scarves have such a style altering power that take a plain look to Bohemian funky or effortless sophistication with a single wrap around the neck. Now that the weather is crisp and cooler, I could wear a scarf almost everyday purely for functional warmth. To ensure my repeat wearings don't make my style predictable, I experiment with how I utilize the scarf. Just in case you didn't know scarves could be so completely versatile, I offer you six ways to wear them (keeping you warm and chic).

Let it hang.

This works with a long rectangular scarf or a more substantial pashmina. The hang gives a sense of effortless sophistication.

Wrap, wrap and fluff, fluff.

This works the best with a rectangular scarf that is either very cozy or has a pattern. This look has the power to give any outfit some attitude.

Single, simple wrap for a cool polish.

Single, simple wrap with a tie in the front.

I think this works best with a patterned scarf because this technique makes the scarf a focal point.


I routinely get asked how I do this. Fold your scarf in half and thread the scarf's ends through the middle of the fold. I like to do this with a contrasting colored pashima to my blouse. What's great about this look is it easily transitions from a coat to no coat and still adds such a nice touch.

Handkerchief Style.

This is my current fave. Fold a square scarf in half diagnolly. Let the big point of the triangle hang from your neck as you criss cross the other corners behind you, bringing them back to the front to hang. This look has a very Indie essence to it.

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