Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Weekly Etsy Finds

I am constantly amazed by people's crafty imagination and then their technical skills to actually bring their vision to life. Etsy is the perfect forum that connects these brilliantly creative people together. We benefit by finding unique, quirky, and sometime inexplicable items that we simple must purchase.

Here are my week's Etsy finds:

With the richness of these kimono-styled leather belts by elizabethkelly, I am totally anticipating fall. I can't wait to use one to cinch in all my patterned layers.

I have completely fallen for these black and white and sepia horse prints by equinoxphoto. What an unexpected way to balance colorful, contemporary decor.

I love that these scarves by ColorSprouts infuse a touch of sophistication into tie dye by using silk.

While Etsy seller amberike calls these "Hand Dandy Button Bookmarks," I would totally use them for their original purpose to spice up office life.

What are you favorite Etsy finds?


  1. I love Etsy! I found it very useful while I was planning my wedding. There were a couple of random items that I had a vision for but could not find anywhere at traditional retail. I did however find exactly what I wanted on Etsy. Two of my favorite wedding finds: 1. My garter: I wanted to surprise my hubby with an Arkansas Razorback garter and found exactly what I pictured in mind (at our wedding he was so excited about it that he started an impromptu calling of the hogs before he tossed it!), 2. Monogram sticker for my unity candle: I tried to find a monogram candle for a while but could not but on Etsy I found a sticker for like $3 that had adhesive meant for candles.
    Etsy is definitely a lovemark of mine!

  2. I am finally an official follower of your blog! you do a great job. Take care.